Meet the crew

Hey there! We’re The Good Wedding Company, a superstar collective of wedding photographers and wedding professionals based in the beautiful alpine town of Wanaka, New Zealand. Like the stunning land we live in, we’re all a bit intrepid. We like to do things a little differently. And we’re willing to take a guess that you’re an adventurous soul too – that’s why you’re thinking about getting hitched in the mountains, eh? As wedding photographers, we believe our job is about so much more than sending you home with a bunch of pretty photos. Real talk: trendy edits, flash cameras and awkward poses are a dime a dozen these days, right? You can get that shizz anywhere.

What’s important to us is giving you a record of all those funny, unplanned, emotional, messy, wonderful, magical moments that make up your wedding day. We want to capture the little things that you’ll treasure forever. (And we’ll make sure there’s more than a few ’gram-worthy shots in there for you.) Our documentary style means we let those candid, epic moments happen on their own. Plus, being locals, we know this part of the world like the back of our hot little hands. We’ll take you to all the best locations, the wildest frontiers. We’ll even have a bit of fun together, and we’ll throw in some cheesy jokes just for you. So don’t be shy. Say hi and ask us how we can work with you to kick off the best, biggest adventure of your lives.

Jodie Rainsford
  • Jodie Rainsford

  • Photographer / Wearer of many hats (including this black one)
  • This is Jodie. She is the one with all the crazy ideas. She is a member of the local Volunteer Fire Brigade, an award winning photographer and a crazy dog lady. She will do her best to make you feel at ease, make you laugh and hopefully not make you cry. (Unless you want to).

Andy Brown
  • Andy Brown

  • Photographer / Craft beer snob
  • This is Andy. He is like super dad to his three awesome kids – as well of course as being an epic photographer. He is also a graphic designer, coffee aficionado and craft beer connoisseur. He is fun, kind and just an all round nice guy. (Plus did we tell you he takes amazing pictures).

Aaron Colthorpe
  • Aaron Colthorpe

  • Videographer / Hi8 Fanboy
  • This is Aaron and he’s a pretty special filmmaker. His eagerness to explore has been with him since he was a kid and it has not changed. In fact its grown & he will travel to the end of the earth to create something very special for you.

Bel Jones
  • Bel Jones

  • Videographer / Photographer / Intrepid Traveller
  • This is Bel. Not only is she super woman, she is also a super mum to her gorgeous wee girl Zahara. Bel rocks at wedding videos and is also a pro photographer – she is pretty much awesome at everything she does.

Laura Wheeler
  • Laura Wheeler

  • Wedding planner / Expert juggler
  • This is Laura. She is the multi-tasking, organisation queen. She is a wedding fanatic, not only will she plan your wedding – she will bake the cake as well. (Seriously they are epic cakes). She will make planning your big day a breeze… rather than a storm.

Lisa Brown
  • Lisa Brown

  • Album designer / Social meme addict
  • This is Lisa. She is a wedding album devotee. Rather than spend time with her nice guy husband Andy she would rather stay up late and design you a life changing wedding album. Because she is that damn good. She is also a super mum and a very talented little lady.