I hate getting my photo taken(don't we all)

Want to know something we hear all the time?

‘I hate getting my photo taken.’

Seriously. We hear this so often that we could make a feature-length documentary that uncovers the truth behind the so-called selfie-loving era. Twist ending: everyone hates having their photo taken. Especially when the stakes are high – at something like, oh, I dunno, a wedding.

For lots and lots of people, wedding photos are a flinch-inducing, heart-palpitating thought. What if you look like a fool? Not the cool kind, but the pants-under-your-armpits, mouth-breather kind? We get it. It’s your wedding. It’s the start of a huge, crazy, amazing adventure you’re embarking on with your best pal. It’s the day that, more than any other, you want to look and feel tip-top. You want to maximise time with all the good sorts who’ve travelled to celebrate with you. You want your photos to fit into your day and not the other way around – to be fun, relaxed and entertaining (like you!).

Well, guess what? Because most people feel awkward as hell in front of an official photographer, we’re used to it! We come super prepared and we play it cucumber cool. We give direction so that you won’t be left feeling like your bad side is on show and no one told you, but not so much that you feel uncomfortable or awkward. We have an unlimited supply of so-bad-they’re-good jokes to put you at ease and we know when to pump the brakes if you’re getting overwhelmed.

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For some, it suits to get photos done and dusted, pre-ceremony, whereas others like to relax into the day and focus on the ceremony first. The good news is, you can’t make a bad decision – there are upsides (as well as a few potential downsides) to consider for both. It’s up to you and what you want for your wedding day. If you get your photos done first, you can spend more time with your guests, you can do a first look and it’s super straightforward to squeeze in 15 minutes or so after the ceremony to get a couple of officially-married shots. If you get them done afterwards, you’re a bit more relaxed (no pre-vow jitters) and you’ll have your wedding glow on.

When you’re getting your photos, it might the be only time the two of you have to yourselves all day (with us, the cheerleading third-wheel that blends into the wall when necessary like nobody’s business). It’s a thrill, you’ll be riding high and the whole process will be over before you even remember to break into a nervous sweat.

The best part of all this? When you see your photos. Trust, you’ll be so glad you got ’em. They’re the only things you get to keep after the big day – well, except for your plus one – and that makes them pretty damn important. All the money that gets spent on clothes, make up, hair… You want to remember that, also of course all of your most fav friends and family & your memories of this epic day, and that’s what photos are for!